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On-line banking has opened up a whole new world for bank customers.  This option really lets you, the customer, take control of your finances!  Checking the status of your accounts from your PC has never been easier, and you can do it on YOUR time 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.  Unlike some sites that are only updated every night, the information you will receive from The Wanda State Bank will be LIVE and up to the minute!  You will never be frustrated to only be able to see what happened yesterday!


Download the Wanda State Bank app for your phone or tablet. Once it is installed, you can view your account information in a mobile friendly version.  We have also added a mobile capture feature so you can make deposits into your checking account without having to run to the bank.  Call us for more information!

Go paperless with eStatements
Signing up to receive your statements online rather than in the mail is as simple as completing and signing the Electronic Delivery of Bank Statements Consent & Agreement Form and the Electronic Statement Application. Not only will "going green" be better for the environment, some users will also get statements days faster! Remember, both of these forms must be printed, completed and signed. Once you have done this, please either mail or fax us the last signed page of the Consent & Agreement form and the statement application page to the address or fax number provided on the form. Don’t forget to keep a copy of both of these items for your records!  You will be notified monthly via e-mail when your estatement is ready for viewing.

View account history
Select a date range and view all activity within that specified account! 

Account inquiries
This feature allows you to see which check numbers came in, and what deposits were made into the bank today.

See actual images of your checks!
This tool will allow you to pull up an image of your actual check.  You won’t have to wait to get your statement!

Transfers between owner accounts

Transfer from savings to checking accounts or vice versa.  These transactions will post to your account immediately.

View Loan/CD/Money Market/Savings information

Check your loan balances, make a loan payment, and see how your payments are applied to your account.  You will also be able to check CD, money market, and savings balances.

On-Line Bill Pay
Our unlimited on-line bill pay is another great way to save time and money on stamps and envelopes! Gather your bills and decide which ones you want to pay electronically. Then set the date you want your payment made and it will be deducted from your account automatically! Imagine, no more worrying about late fees!

As you can see by providing these key services, we are striving to meet all of our valued customer’s needs.  We are looking foward to starting our new business relationship with you! 
Sign up today!  

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