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Please note that as part of The Wanda State Banks commitment to providing you with a high quality of service, we have upgraded our phone system.  As part of this upgrade it was necessary to change the telephone numbers of our customer service lines. We have two new numbers, one designated for calls made from your cell phone and one that is intended for those using a land line; please use the appropriate number.  The details are listed below:

Main Bank Line:         507-550-1678 (Cell users)

Toll Free:                     855-808-8878 (Land line users)

Telephone Banking:    507-342-2473 **Phone Banking remains unchanged

Fax:                             Number is unchanged

Our existing main numbers (507-342-5187 and 507-752-7620) will remain in service for a period of time to help ease this transition.  Please update our contact information in your records.  We regret any inconvenience this may have caused. We thank you for your continued support and look forward to providing you with a higher level of services



We are very excited to offer this new product and would like to take a little time to educate our customers on how to use this new service. Simply search for "The Wanda State Bank" in your store and download it.  If you have already enrolled in online banking all you have to do after downloading it is simply complete the log in process using the app!   It will then store your phone or tablet as an authorized device for your account.  (If you have not opened an online account, you will have to call us to activate it.) The App does not currently offer bill pay, but it will be added soon. There is one additional feature that is new with this App called Mobile Capture. 



This is a great way to deposit your checks to your account without having to mail them, or deliver them yourself. We have listed the steps you will have to follow below: 

1. Click on the “camera” icon along the top of the app.

2. Select which account you want your check deposited to.  Please note, you will only be able to deposit directly to a checking account.

3. Properly endorse the check. We REQUIRE these checks to be endorsed as follows: Mobile Deposit Only-followed by your signature

4. Take a clear picture of the check as prompted, making sure all edges of the check are showing. You will get a message stating whether it has been accepted or not. 

5. Hold on to all checks deposited this way for 60 days. 

As you can see the process is quite easy. Please make sure your screen prompts you that your deposit has been accepted for review. If there is a problem during this process the deposit will be immediately denied. A few reasons why it may be denied immediately would be if it was a duplicate deposit, your picture was unclear, or it was missing the proper endorsement. Please note we will NOT accept these deposits unless they are marked FOR MOBILE DEPOSIT ONLY.  This is the best way for us to ensure there are no duplicate deposits. It is also an easy way for you to know you have already deposited the check so you don’t mail it to us in error after already sending it via mobile capture. If we have a problem processing your mobile deposit once we receive it, or it is endorsed improperly when we review it, we will call you to let you know it has been denied that same day. If you want to make sure we can reach you immediately, this may be a good time for you to let us know your cell number!!  You should also note the cut off time for mobile deposit will be 2:00!!! This earlier cutoff for mobile capture is to allow us proper time to review each deposit manually before applying it to the current days business. These deposits will not post “real time” and will not be viewable online until we have finished our business for the day and posted them to your account. We look forward to starting this new service and we are here to answer any questions you may have so please feel free to call us.


   Safe Mobile Banking

The FDIC has a very informative article regarding mobile banking.  Check it out by clicking here!



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